It’s Chris! I managed to lure him over for a shoot with the promise of pizza and beer and managed to coerce him into a quick photoshoot inbetween mouthfuls. So happy we did, it’s been an age since he’s been in front of my camera. I wanted to get a look at the fun and silly side of Chris this time so the props drawer was well and truly raided!

Take a look at the full shoot here.



I’ve started an ongoing photo project! Excitingly, it’s already getting a lot of attention and I’m really looking forward to getting a wide variety of people involved in it. I’ve started a tumble which I’ll keep updated regularly so please visit and keep an eye out for the next couple of updates. Remember – if you like it then please share it!



Hey, I went to Iceland and it was awesome! No Northern lights this time sadly, but that just gives me a good reason to go back. Such a beautiful place.

Check out my holiday snaps and be glad I’m not making you sit through a slieshow in my living room.



In my first shoot for Models 1, I was lucky enough to work with the utterly gorgeous Pips Taylor. She’s doing a ton of TV and online presenting work and is so generously warm and friendly I can see her doing many huge things in the future.

You can see the whole shoot here.


Christian for Lee Paton

I shot this for my amazing friend Lee‘s new underwear range.

Check out the full shoot here.

Ladies Day!

Time to start up a folder for all the bits and pieces I’ve done recently with a female leaning. First up we have Victoria Pattinson:


Followed by Tegan

Tegan 057B

And finally, Danee.


You can see more pictures from these shoots here.

I’ll keep this folder updated and start a folder soon for the male pictures.

James Dawson

I was thrilled to take a new author picture for my friend James Dawson this weekend. James is a very talented Young Adult writer and is fast making a name for himself in that field after the success of his first published book Hollow Pike. ¬†Excitingly he was even shortlisted for the coveted ‘Queen of Teen’ award which he wanted desperately as there was a crown involved.

He’s a wonderful, talented man and I’m so glad I could help him on his road to literary stardom.




Chris Camplin

A selection of images from my first shoot with the despicably handsome Chris Camplin. Take a look at the full shoot here.